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Peltor Kids Earmuffs
These fun-looking earmuffs provide effective protection without shutting out ambient noise. Available in Pink or Yellow ..
Peltor Bullseye Earmuffs
Peltor Sporttac Electronic Ear Defenders
The Sport-tac ear defenders specifically designed for hunters and marksmen, the slim profile avoids contact with the stock. These collapsable earmuffs also feature a smooth active volume function to eliminate abrupt sound cut-off. Audio input for ..
Peltor WS Sporttac Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs
The New Bluetooth Peltor Sporttac Ear muffs. The unique digital sound circuit eliminates the sharp sound clip that is typical for most active-volume hearing protectors on the market. Many people find that sound unpleasant and disturbing. The n..
Sordin Supreme Pro Electronic Earmuffs
Sordin Supreme is developed to conform to international MIL-specifications and other extreme conditions. Digital electronic sound reproduction for excellent sound reproduction. The electronic design is based upon our own ASIC (Application Spec..
Sordin Supreme Basic Electronic Earmuffs
Slimline electronic hearing protection for hunting and shooting. Simple technology that provides the most important base features. Both earmuffs are shaped to suit both right-handed and left-handed shooters. Built in reproduction of ambient sound ..
Peltor Pro Tac Hunter Ear Defenders
Electronic, level-dependent hearing protection.    Features include five volume level steps, 3.5mm listen only jack, large user friendly buttons, dual shell design, stainless steel wire headband and powered by 2 x AA batteries to gi..
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