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FoxPro SHOCKWAVE electronic call
FoxPro SHOCKWAVE  electronic call   FOXPRO has set the bar once again with the all NEW SHOCKWAVE. This four speaker system has two horn speakers and two tweeters for unrivaled sound quality and volume capability. There are 2 exte..
FoxPro FUSION digital caller
      FoxPro FUSION digital caller   Experience a whole new level of predator calling with the FUSION from FOXPRO . The FUSION comes with 100 high quality FOXPRO sounds and can store and access up to 1000 so..
FoxPro DEADBONE electronic call
FoxPro DEADBONE electronic call     The Deadbone is an entry-level caller with high quality FOXPRO technology at an affordable price. The Deadbone comes standard with 15 high quality FOXPRO sounds and the ability to play two ..
FoxPro INFERNO Digital Caller
FoxPro INFERNO Digital Caller   The FOXPRO Inferno offers plenty of "bang for your buck" with its compact design, 75 high quality FOXPRO sounds, implemented FOXBANG technology and an upgraded remote control. The Inferno weighs in at a..
FoxPro HammerJack Digital Caller
FoxPro HammerJack Digital Caller   The HammerJack is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. It comes standard with 100 high-quality FOXPRO sounds,  and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. The HammerJack features dual-a..
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